Anna Navarro amb la lista Junts+Puigdemont

One of the tech industry’s most influential women has joined the Junts+ Puigdemont list for Catalonia’s May 12th election

Alba Solé Ingla
Barcelona. Tuesday, 2 April 2024. 21:03
Updated Tuesday, 2 April 2024. 21:21
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She was born in the Catalan town of Olot as Anna Navarro i Descals and in the 1990s went to Silicon Valley. There, under her married name Anna Navarro Schlegel, she became one of the most influential woman in the tech industry, and now she returns to Catalonia to be number two on Carles Puigdemont‘s candidacy for the election to the Catalan Parliament on May 12th. That has been announced this Tuesday in relation to the Junts+ Puigdemont electoral list which promised to go “beyond the boundaries” of the Together for Catalonia (Junts) party. Thus, Navarro Schlegel, the number two on the list is considered one of the brightest profiles in Silicon Valley, heading the survey of most impactful women in the global technology industry, compiled in 2020 by the reference publication Analytics Insight. In December 2021, she was awarded the Catalan government’s highest recognition, the Sant Jordi Cross, for her outstanding work in technology and business. Now, she has decided to put her experience « at the service of the country » in the candidacy headed by Catalan president-in-exile Puigdemont.

The new member of the Puigdemont candidacy is, as she explains on her website, currently vice president of Global at ProCore Technologies. For the past 30 years, Anna Navarro Schlegel has led tech teams in areas from engineering to marketing at major Silicon Valley companies, including Cisco Systems, Google, VeriSign, VMware, Xerox and NetApp, with her work having been widely published in industry forums. She also advises Google’s international product team and is a requested speaker at leading US educational centres such as Berkeley Haas Institute and Stanford University, as well as at Barcelona’s UB and UAB.

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